Sisal & Seagrass flooring

Natural fibre flooring is the perfect flooring option for those looking for a stylish natural aesthetic in their home.

It adds warmth, texture, and beauty to any room, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.
Geometric shape

Our rugs come in a variety of sizes, weaves and binding options.

seagrass flooring in living room
large sisal flooring in lounge
sisal binding colour swatches
large sisal flooring wall to wall
sisal flooring birds eye shot


Sisal is an excellent high-end flooring choice that works well in any area of the home. Sisal rugs come in a range of weaves and colours, making them a stunning complement to any furniture or decor setting.

Sisal is latex backed to prevent slipping on tiled or wooden floors.

Many colours and weaves

We offer a variety of 10+ colours and weaves to match your home's aesthetic. Please see below for further information.

Hard wearing

Our rugs are both soft underfoot and durable, ensuring they withstand wear and tear for an extended period in your home.
zoomed in sisal wild stripe
Sisal - Wild Honey
zoomed in sisal monsoon sky
Sisal - Olive Bark
zoomed in swatch of sisal wildstripe
Sisal - Wild Stripe
zoomed in swatch of sisal greybeard
Sisal - Greybeard
zoomed in swatch of sisal storm cloud
Sisal - Storm Cloud
zoomed in swatch of sisal artichoke
Sisal - Artichoke
zoomed in swatch of sisal smokey topaz
Sisal - Smokey Topaz


Seagrass is a versatile flooring option that is particularly suitable for high-traffic areas in homes with children and dogs.It features a latex backing to prevent slipping on wooden or tiled floors, ensuring stability and safety.

Low maintenance

Seagrass is an ideal all-rounder due to its hard-wearing and easy-to-clean nature, making it particularly well-suited for high-traffic domestic areas with children and dogs.

Stain resistant

With its low absorption ability, seagrass allows spills to pool on the surface, providing enough time to fetch an absorbent cloth before they become stains.
zoomed in swatch of seagrass rolled edge
Seagrass - Rolled edge
zoomed in swatch of seagrass binding
Seagrass - Binding

Binding and finishing options

We offer various finishing options for your rug. Get in touch if you have any further questions or queries.

View our guide on how to take perfect care of your rugs.
Rug sizes

A variety of sizing options

We offer a few standard sizes, but are more than happy to create a custom sized rug to fit your homes specific needs.

Wall to wall

Custom fitted wall to wall flooring is the perfect way to finish a room.

Custom size

Let us know what size you need and we can make a custom rug for you.


Small rug, perfect for entrance ways leading into different rooms, or as a bedside rug.

80cm x 300cm

A runner style rug that suits passageways and larger rooms.

130cm x 190cm

A medium sized rug which looks great in bedrooms and living areas.

160cm x 230cm

A medium sized rug which looks great under a coffee table.

200cm x 300cm

A large rug which looks great in beds and living rooms.

300cm x 400cm

Our largest rug, perfect to designate an area or dining room table.

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