Bamboo fences & ceilings

A versatile range of products that can be used both indoors and outdoors to bring a natural look to your living spaces.
Geometric shape

Transform your home
inside and out

Our rolled bamboo fencing is a sustainable alternative to wood-style fencing. Natural Bamboo fencing, brings a trending renewable material that filters light well and adds privacy to any outdoor, or interior space.

Pole fences

These fences are made with full bamboo poles from 20mm to 40mm in diameter. They are drilled and internally wired.

View our guide on how to easily maintain your fence.

Tonkin Bamboo

150cm x 200cm
200cm x 200cm
240cm x 150cm

Vivax Bamboo

150cm x 150cm
200cm x 150cm
240cm x 100cm
Bamboo fence
Bamboo fence
Bamboo fence
Bamboo fence

Split Cane fence

These fences are made using bamboo slates of 20mm which are externally woven using galvanized wire.

View our guide on how to easily maintain your fence.

Available in 2 sizes

150cm x 200cm
200cm x 200cm
Split cane fence
Split cane fence

Why we love bamboo fences


Flexible, durable panels

Hard wearing

Fire straightened & termite resistant

Strong and sturdy

Internally wired with galvanised wire to prevent rusting
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