Bamboo Poles & Stakes

Our bamboo poles and stakes come in a wide range of lengths and thicknesses to suit all applications, from decorative to practical.

Whether you're building a garden trellis or creating a unique decor piece, we have the perfect bamboo solution for you. Choose sustainable and durable bamboo for your next project.
Geometric shape

A creative solution to
garden and landscape design

Bamboo Poles

The possibilities are endless with bamboo poles - use them creatively to fulfill all your landscaping needs, from vertical gardens to outdoor screening.

Discover the versatility of this humble yet durable material for your next project.


Available in lengths of 2.4m upwards.


Available in a diameter of 20mm to 120mm.
Bamboo poles
Bamboo poles

Bamboo Stakes

We provide Tonkin Bamboo cane stakes to growers in South Africa. We have identified this species as meeting the desired requirements for proper plant and tree growth.

Tonkin stakes have a thick wall and are lightweight, ensuring the straight growth of trees when soil loses density.

With a lifespan of more than 5 years when planted in soil, Tonkin stakes are a reliable and durable choice for your garden.


Our lengths vary between 60cm – 4.2m


Diameters from 6mm- 30mm.
Bamboo stakes

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