Why Natural Fibre Flooring

Brightfields are suppliers of Natural Fibre Flooring made from Sisal and Seagrass. Sisal and Seagrass are the most hard wearing, durable and affordable of all Natural Fibre Floor coverings.

Sisal & seagrass creates a conscientious, eco-friendly & healthy living space. 
Naturally allergy friendly & anti-fungal. Perfect for baby rooms. 

Natural Fibre Flooring can be fitted as wall to wall or as rugs "made to order" using a wide variety of trims including leather. Natural Fibre Flooring will compliment modern, period or farm style decor concepts.

All our flooring is latex backed & rugs are easily made to size. Many different edgings to choose from. 


Also known as Agave Sisalina, is a strong, green spiky bush which flourishes in the sub-tropical climate of Tanzania and Kenya. The giant leaves of the Sisal Agave plant are the raw material for sisal carpets. These leaves are then harvested and the mesophyll washed out. The fibres are then cleaned, washed and dried in the sun and finally finished, treated, spun and finally woven. It is latex backed for stability and to prevent slipping on wooden or tiled floors.

Sisal is a top end flooring option ideal for all areas of the home especially Dining and Lounge areas. Sisal rugs are beautiful and will complement all furniture and decor settings. Sisal rugs with a choice of acrylic or leather trims will enhance all settings

Sisal - Storm Cloud   

Sisal - Storm Cloud



As its name implies, is a grass. It is grown in the paddy fields of China, and at a certain time of the growing season, the fields are flooded with seawater, hence the name Seagrass. After harvesting and drying, the Seagrass is spun into a strong yarn suitable for weaving. Its impermeability makes it hard to dye, so most products are natural in colour. It is latex backed for stability and to prevent slipping on wooden or tiled floors..

Seagrass is an ideal all-rounder and works especially well in high traffic domestic areas with dogs and children.

It is stain resistant as it has a low absorption ability and therefore pools when spills are made giving one enough time to fetch an absorbent cloth before this becomes a stain. Coffee and wine spills are then easy to clean. Seagrass is hard wearing, durable and affordable. It also has a rich and earthy smell Seagrass rugs are also ideal in an outdoor covered patio area.

Seagrass - Beijing     

Seagrass - Beijing


Sisal & Seagrass Range

Our made to order options

Brightfields imports Sisal and Seagrass in 4 meter wide rolls by 30 meters in length. We're able to custom make any size rug in our factory from a bedside rug to a large lounge area rug and have a wide range of bindings available including leather. 

Below a small sampling of the trim options available for Sisal or Seagrass rugs. 

Speak to our knowledgable Sales Staff to discuss your specific requirements and get a personal quotation

Choc Leather Binding

Choc Leather Binding

Wall to Wall carpeting

When fitting Sisal or Seagrass for wall to wall installations please note that these are natural products and they release and absorb moisture depending on the current weather conditions. Therefore, its suggested that you contact a specialist fitter.

 Read our article for the preferred and recommended methods of installation