How to care for your Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Keeping your Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring clean is important for the long term maintenance and protection of your investment.

Regular cleaning is important and regular maintenance should be done on a weekly schedule. Accidents and mishaps should be addressed as soon as possible. Cleaning your floor is a simple process, and is very similar to the process of maintaining hardwood floors.

Tools You Need to Clean Strand Bamboo Floors:

Dust Mop - A dust mop is the best choice for regular sweeping. It is best if the dust mop is specifically only used indoors and on your Bamboo flooring. In this way you can keep away as much dirt and grit as possible to reduce the risk of marring or scratching the surface of your Bamboo floor.

Soft Bristle Broom - For regular sweeping, this is an alternative option to a dust mop. You will want to avoid stiff bristles, as these can scratch the floor. Again, make sure that the broom is not used outdoors. Clean out the bristles regularly to keep dirt and grit away from the floor.

Soft Cloths or Mop - Bamboo floors need to be kept dry at all times or they are susceptible to warping. Keep some soft rags or a mop on hand to clean up any spills as soon as possible. Don't let any type of liquid, even floor cleaners, lie on the floor for any length of time. Doing so could cause problems like staining, and possibly swelling or warping of the Bamboo. This can lead to costly repairs.

Wet Mopping and Bamboo Floor Cleaner - When it is time to give your Strand Bamboo a more thorough cleaning, a microfiber wet mop is the best choice. Whatever type of mop that you choose, make sure that it does not have any abrasive surfaces (like those dual sponge mops that have a green "scrubby" side). Whenever possible, choose a floor cleaner that is specifically formulated for Bamboo floors. If none are available, use a water-soluble Hardwood Floor Cleaner (available at

Do not use ammonia based products or strong chemicals on Bamboo floors, as this can damage the surface and potentially discolour the floor. When you mop, only wet a small area of the floor do not dump large amounts of water or cleaner onto the floor like one does with linoleum. You will want to avoid large amounts of water on the floor as much as possible, as this will warp the flooring.

Do not use wax products to clean Bamboo flooring. The wax will build up over time, trap small particles of dirt, and generally create a maintenance headache in the long run.