Repairing scratches to Strand Woven Bamboo flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is the most durable and dense of the Bamboo floorings available on the market today. Even so, life happens, we drop things, forget to add furniture pads before moving tables, or drag in a heap of sand from the beach that makes scratches and nicks on the floor boards. Luckily, these are all damages that are fairly easy to repair, simply by using products and tools from your local home centre or the flooring centre.

Small shallow scratches are the most common type of damage necessitating repair. For the most part, these scratches generally only penetrate the top layer of the finish on your floor and do not reach the Bamboo itself. Before beginning to repair scratches on your floor, take stock of the damage and make sure there are no deeper gouges that need your concern.

The most suitable way to repair scratches on Strand Bamboo is to use Scratch Cover and Polish. You will generally be able to find a colour match at your local home store. If the scratch is very shallow, a scratch cover and polish will work well. If it is a little deeper, filler is generally the best option. After applying filler, you will need to buff up the surface to match the rest of your finish. If the scratch is too deep, you can also wet-sand the area and then apply the filler.

However, if you do sand, you will need to seal the area with another coat of polyurethane. Not doing so will leave that area of your Bamboo flooring increasingly vulnerable to liquids.