Fun, Flexible Bamboo

Brightfields Bamboo Forest Cladding is a flexible Bamboo covering used on walls, ceilings, cabinets and even in the manufacture of furniture. Also referred to as Tambour

Brightfields Forest Cladding has the virtues of Bamboo with added flexibility and ease of installation to a variety of surfaces

Bamboo Cladding has a wide variety of uses. One can roll out and glue it to a number of suitable carrier surfaces for example MDF Board or plywood of any thickness, making it ideal for furniture inlays, partitions, kitchen splash backs, ceilings and wall cladding. It can also be used as area rugs with a choice of binding trims.

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  • Versatile in its application
  • Easy installation
  • DIY
  • Decorative
constructed of precision milled bamboo strips that are applied to a fabric backing

constructed of precision milled bamboo strips that are applied to a fabric backing

Bamboo Cladding Roll Specifications

Brightfields Bamboo Cladding Rolls are available in 180cm widths by 10m in length. It is available in linear lengths. The Bamboo Cladding is constructed of thin Bamboo slats cut 17mm by 2mm layer thickness and glued to a cotton backing with a felt underlay.

  • Tortoise Shell (17mm wide strips)
  • Lime Cement (17mm wide strips)                  
  • Avocado (17mm wide strips)
  • ½ Round (17mm wide strips, raw & unfinished)
  • Crocodile Skin (17mm wide strips, raw & unfinished)
  • Carbonised - Unfinished (17mm wide strips, raw & unfinished) 
  • Sahara (17mm wide strips)
  • Carbonised - Unfinished (12mm wide strips)
  • Natural - Unfinished (12mm wide strips)

Finishes & Options

The desired finish effect can be achieved either by using various wood stain or paint techniques on the raw, unfinished cladding. We're confident our Bamboo cladding will add a new touch to your home.

Styles & Colour Options

Lime Cement, Tortoise Shell and Avocado - these all have a smooth outer Bamboo sheath finish with nodes.

Then the Flat, ½ round and Crocodile designs are the woody type from inside the Bamboo Culm, and are available unfinished and sanded.